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Bumblebee Partnership Ltd acts as an incubator for fabulous new ideas (like this one), supporting the new venture until such time as the busy new-bee is ready to go it alone.


Bumblebee Partnership refers to this as hiving off...

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It's My Classic provides numerous links on this website to other information and service providers. Whilst effort has been taken to make these links only to reputable sources, It's My Classic can make no warranties or promises about the data policies, content or security of any third party.

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If you contact us for advertising, editorial, content submission, or just for a chat, that process will result in us gaining some information about you. The nature of that information will depend on how you interect with us. If that interaction is limited to visiting our website, then take a look at the section dealing with cookies.

It's My Classic will only retain data about you and/or your business for as long as it is necessary to do so for internal processes or legal reasons.  We will then delete it. If we hold information about you on the basis of your consent, you have the right to ask us to delete it.

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When you come to  our website, our site host will deposit some cookies onto your computer, phone or other device.


Unfortunately these cookies aren't the sweetly delicious ones with lovely bits of gooey chocolate or (even better) chewy chunks of ginger. These cookies are pesky little computer files that tell us that you've popped into our site.

OUr analytics let us see footfall figures (how many of you wonderful fellow internal combustion nuts pop in), which country you come from, and which page you land on first.

Now, these figures are rather helpful for us. It's My Classic doesn't charge subscription fees but, obviously, running a website takes time and time, as the old saying goes, costs money. We make our money from charging for advertising. Advertisers want to know that their investment is likely to pay off, and that's where footfall comes into play. The more visitors we log, the more advertisers are interested, the more articles we can write, the more shows we can tell you about, the more research we can do...

It's My Classic does not share any other data with advertisers than numbers and and how many of our visitors are UK-based.

It's My Classic complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018.

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 The It's My Classic free online classic car and motorcycle magazine was the mad brainchild of a group of classic, vintage and veteran-crazy engineers and writers. Looking for a new way to connect, they came up with this: a UK-based online webzine and resource for hands-on and armchair enthusiasts alike of any age, gender or disposition. It's My Classic is all about people and their fascination  for heritage cars, motorcycles and LCVs.  Come and join the fun!


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