All of my mates at Uni were mad about hot-hatch Peugeots, VWs and Vauxhalls. I kind of followed the trend with a Honda Civic hatchback. It was fast and fun but, when it went wrong, the fun sort of died a bit.

Then came the dreaded MOT. Did the Civic fail? Heck, yes! It was a cool car, but I just couldn't justify the repair bills.

I was searching through eBay for a likely replacement and came across a bright yellow Triumph Spitfire. My girlfriend fell in love with it, but I wasn't so sure. Classic cars are great - my Dad always has at least one - but I wasn't sure my street cred could cope with it.

My girlfriend kept talking about the car all evening, and even showed a picture of it to our friends when we all went out that evening. Given how they all went on about modern cars I was really surprised how many of them liked it.

My Dad had told me that classics were an affordable choice for young drivers so, just out of curiosity, I decided to get an insurance quote, and prices for things like brakes and tyres. That's when I got really interested!

Yellow Spitire.JPG

It didn't have an ECU, so the wiring was pretty simple if things went wrong, spare parts were cheap and I could do the work myself. The insurance, even for a young driver like me, was less than I'd been forking out on the Civic.

I contacted the Triumph's owner and arranged to see it.

OK, she wasn't exactly mint, but my Civic hadn't been what you might call concours either.

But it drove well and, more importantly, I actually really enjoyed driving it.

A bright yellow soft-top with the hood down on a sunny day - well, it's pretty hard to beat, isn't it? People smiled and waved and I had to admit my girlfriend was right. It was a pretty cool car.

As you can see, I bought the Yellow Peril and never regretted it. Especially when my mates had to pay their garage bills! 

AJ & the Yellow Peril

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