When Bob was asked 'why a Morgan three wheeler?' he gave me a wry smile, a chuckle and replied that it was probably a mid-life crisis. I don't believe a word of it.

This is a man with a wide knowledge of vintage and classic cars. His first was a Rover 12 sports saloon (in which he passed his test). He's also had an MG TC (bought in bits for re-assembly), a Mk 1 Lotus Cortina. The MG was eventually sold to try something completely different - a 1935-built traditional working canal narrow boat.

Serious surgery at the age of forty made Bob re-assess his life. One outcome of that was his first Morgan.

Bob joined the Morgan club and admits that he was rapidly bitten by the Mog bug, a happy experience from which I suspect he is unlikely to want to recover.

A breakdown on a dark New Year's night and a hasty repair with plumbers' hardware led eventually to a more reliable 1985 Morgan Plus 8.

Morgan Super Sports Aero 3 wheel 1935 co
Morgans Super Sports Aero 3 wheel 1935 f

Three wheels soon beckoned, at least partially due to a friend with a Morgan three wheeler.

That was when he found the Morgan Aero Super Sports (1930) pictured here. It was partly restored and in need of two years more work to complete. By 1997 it was back on the road.

Bob became ever more involved in the Morgan Three Wheeler Club, leading inevitably to a clash of priorities. After all, there are only so many hours in the day. Would it be three wheels or four?

When another friend decided to sell some of his collection, including a 1922 Morgan Grand Prix Three Wheeler, Bob just couldn't resist. A new wooden shed had to go up behind the garage.

The problem with owning multiple vehicles is that each new one dilutes the potential time available to enjoy the remainder. Not to mention that space in and behind the garage is now running out...


Bob confessed that his beautiful Plus 8 was barely used last year and that getting in and out is less easy that it used to be. Would he miss it if he sold it? Most certainly! It may be less sophisticated than many modern cars, but it is infinitely satisfying to drive.

Morgan Aero Super Sports Morgan Grand Pr

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