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Graham and Margaret's Ford Elba Dormobile has become one of the family, and is now cherished by three generations.

Step back in time to 1971. The couple are heading off on holiday to Cornwall when they spot the Elba sitting on a garage forecourt. Graham has long wanted one so, despite their holiday plans, they stop for a closer look...

By the time they resumed their trip, the joint bank balance was lighter to the value of a Ford Elba deposit. They collected it on their way home from holiday, Margaret driving it back, whilst Graham drove their other car.

Since then, the Elba has joined them in holidays all over the country - two excited children sleeping in hammocks in the raised roof, and two adults down below.

The years passed with many happy holidays. The time eventually came when the Elba, needing extensive work, was parked safely in her garage and left to rest.

After five years of being stuck in the garage, Graham and Margaret realised that they needed to make a decision - either pass the mantle over to a new owner or commit to the work needed to put their old family favourite back on the road.

Graham had previously sold a Messerschmitt in need of considerable work for little more than the price of a round of drinks, and was determined not to make the same mistake again.

So the Elba stayed and is now enjoyed by a third generation of the Page family. In fact, it's part of the family too.

Graham and Magaret have owned their Elba for fifty years, pretty much coincidng with their Golden wedding anniversary, so they had a party to celebrate both!


Graham likens the family Ford to a Wendy House on wheels, bringing a smile to people's faces wherever it goes.

Graham &  Margaret

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