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Wherever you live and whatever your interests, there are going to be some challenging times ahead.

The opening months of 2020 have thrown us all a real curved ball. Like many here in the UK, It's My Classic was impacted first by flood and storm damage. Though mercifully we weren't hit nearly as hard as many poor folk were, we're still drying out our offices and equipment.

And now this - COVID 19. 


Our world is likely to be a slightly different place by the time that we all emerge at the other end. But that doesn't mean that the world is going to fall apart - unless we all allow it to.

The important things are to stay calm, keep safe and, as far as possible, try to find the best out of each and every day. Keep your sense of proportion and try to hold onto your sense of humour. Even a little humour can brighten a day.

It's My Classic has been out of touch with all of you for far longer than we'd hoped, but we'll be back very soon.

In the meantime:

Your community, your family and your friends need you to be aware and do your part.

We can all help fight the advance of this virus.